Pea Pod Play Group
A Parent / Child program
in Citrus Heights, California USA


The Pea Pod Play Group is a Parent and Child Program inspired by the Waldorf and LifeWays Early Childhood programs, which suggests that early childhood is a sacred and magical time and requires nurturing and protection. Young children are full of wonder and creativity and capable of experiencing the world through all their senses.  

The Pea Pod Playgroup offers a nurturing and loving environment that is beautiful and safe, fostering creative and imaginative play, and encourages children to learn through their senses and their own experiences.   

The Pea Pod Playgroup strives to provide an environment that supports the following early childhood development areas:

Practical life skills and abilities through building, cooking, baking, gardening, cleaning, sorting and other activities experienced in the home.

Lifelong literacy and language skills through nursery rhymes, seasonal verses/songs, and repetitive finger/gesture games during
morning circle and transition activities.

Imaginative and creative play, problem solving skills, small and large motor skills through a variety of experiential and sensorial opportunities with natural and age appropriate indoor and outdoor toys.

Reverence for nature through outdoor play and gardening provides opportunities to experience “nature’s toys” such as sand, water, seeds, plants and animals.  Awareness of seasons through celebrations and festivals, and gratitude when giving thanks for our meal.

 Social skills and care for others through awareness of others’ feelings, abilities, and uniqueness and opportunities to take turns, share
and help each other in our daily activities.

Healthy habits through the experience of a balance rhythm of play,
cleanup, eating and nutrition.

 A lifelong love of learning, discovery, exploration, invention, wonder and joy for purposeful work and play in our daily lives.

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